Northstar is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of both negotiable and non-negotiable MICR documents, print services, and distribution services to the financial industry. We are focused exclusively on serving the needs of the financial industry. There are industry trends that we monitor, but our vision is clear- to serve the print and distribution needs of the financial institution marketplace. Our team of experts are continually working to solve our customer’s security problems in a world that continually challenges secure information exchanges and secure document processing.

At Northstar we have the vision, commitment, and capacity to serve our industry. Our leadership in the printing of MICR is evidenced by our printing and distribution of test and calibration documents for many of the reader-sorter manufacturers. Our technology, production, and distribution have been designed around the efficient and accurate production of these mission critical products. Our online platform has been specifically designed to support the needs of financial institutions. We have the ability to ensure that all products and services can be driven down to the individual cost center level. Additionally, our platform supports compliance programs by controlling the products produced and shipped to specific users. Our distribution model supports not only products that are produced by us but products produced by other suppliers-all with the same level of detail in terms of compliance, billing, and reporting.

Northstar strives to be the low cost provider in an industry that demands quality, security, and value.

Northstar was founded in 1962 with the goal of capitalizing on the then-growing market for business forms. As the computer age threatened to shrink the market, Northstar seized the opportunity and began specializing in secured documents. Northstar utilizes security paper stocks, secure images, printing technologies, inks and holograms to protect its customers, and employs production and building procedures that have made it a NASPO accredited printer.

Secure Access
• Web-based, 24/7 Availability
• Administrative Options & Controls
• Order Confirmations & Tracking
• Comprehensive Reporting

Plant Security
• Electronic Detection Alarm System
• Integrated Fire, Pressure, Temperature Monitoring
• CCTV Surveillance System
• Visitor Restricted Access

Material Security
• All paper and plates shredded
• Employee Security
• Financial, Criminal, Drug Background Screening
• I.T. Systems Security
• Level C2 Security
• Branded and Configured for Client

Northstar has a warehouse which is located in Brooklyn Park, MN. Our automated systems allow us to process and ship out over 90% of our orders the same day we receive them. Packages are labeled with order information and can also include barcodes for product identification, purchase order number, quantity per carton, and release order number. We use the barcode technology to ensure accurate and consistent shipments to help meet your expectations. All orders shipped out will have the UPS tracking number linked back to the UPS website which can then be viewed on our e-commerce ordering site.
Sustainability Statement

Ennis is dedicated to conducting business with integrity, supporting our supply chain and rewarding stakeholders with profitable growth.

Through sustainability initiatives, Northstar endeavors to be a responsible steward of the environment and encourages eco-friendly business practices.

As a leader in the print industry, we want to do what’s right for the environment, and our customers. The main component in encouraging sustainability lies within the raw materials and energy that we use. We use paper that incorporates alternative fibers, recycled paper, and clean press technologies in order to do our part to improve the environmental and economic resources that will be needed by future generations.

To make our efforts in leaving a lesser environmental impact more successful, we also take time to monitor product and energy waste. We work towards conscious conservation of limited resources and reuse and recycle materials as much as possible. Part of our goal is to engage in safe practices in order to reduce any risk associated with processes and chemicals for a healthy work atmosphere.

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